Tiffany Coleman
General Manager. Baker. Professional Donut Eater. Mom of 2.
My name is Tiffany Coleman, I am a proud Christian, mommy, and wife. I have two perfect girls, and a husband that works hard to take care of us. Together we make four. I was born and raised in Pike County, I have never lived more than 30 minutes away from my Mother. She is my best friend and inspiration. Small town is all I have ever known. I played soccer in high school, and that lead to a soccer scholarship at what is now UPike. There I played soccer, cheered and learned a little about life. When I left college I worked as a network technician/media specialist in a local school district. I  now plan on just helping make KY Son Eats everything I know it can be. I see the potential in this company, and I know that it is an untapped market, that everyone can benefit from. I would love to one day be able to look at my girls and say "I followed the plan the Lord laid out, my path was not easy, but because of God, your daddy, and you I made it and lived to tell about it."  I love working at KY Son Eats because it is like family. They are there to lift you up, push you and say good job. 

I am looking forward to traveling anywhere with KY Son Eats and just see how the world responds to us. If I could share a Dount and a cup of coffee with anyone my first choice would be Mary (Jesus' Mother) but to sit down today I would choose Charity Grace (@charity.grace). I have followed her and her story on Instagram for a few years and I think we would be a great conversation.
If I could have any super power it would be to have "heat hands" because where I come from sometimes it's way too cold and you want to put on your shorts and sit out in the sun. If I had heat hands I could make that happen even in the middle of a snow storm!

"...I am fearfully and wonderfully made...” Psalm 139:14



~Tiffany Coleman~


Keely Layne

Traveling Baking Assistant. Icing Ninja. Animal Lover.

   My name is Keely Layne and I'm a student at the University of Kentucky! I have two kids, and they both have four legs. One is a horse named Winnie, and the other is a rescue dog named Stone. My plan for the future is working with animals, and trying to save as many as I can! I started with Kentucky Son Eats from the beginning and have watched it grow into what it has become now, with high expectations for the future. I love working for Kentucky Son Eats not only because I get to work with my best friend but because of all the free goodies I get. The vanilla icing I could eat with a spoon, literally. It would be awesome to be able to travel all across the United States promoting these delicious healthy treats.
If I could share a cup of coffee with my personal inspiration it would have to be my parents, or my grandparents who unfortunately passed away when I was in high school. All of these people showed me what sacrifice and love really meant, and I'm sure they would love our donuts!

If I could have any super power it would be knowing the future. It would help me out on a lot of my college exams.


~ Keely Layne~



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