Tiffany Coleman

General Manager. Baker. Professional Donut Eater. Mom of 2



~Tiffany Coleman~


Keely Layne

Traveling Baking Assistant. Icing Ninja. Animal Lover.

   My name is Keely Layne and I'm a student at the University of Kentucky! I have two kids, and they both have four legs. One is a horse named Winnie, and the other is a rescue dog named Stone. My plan for the future is working with animals, and trying to save as many as I can! I started with Kentucky Son Eats from the beginning and have watched it grow into what it has become now, with high expectations for the future. I love working for Kentucky Son Eats not only because I get to work with my best friend but because of all the free goodies I get. The vanilla icing I could eat with a spoon, literally. It would be awesome to be able to travel all across the United States promoting these delicious healthy treats.
If I could share a cup of coffee with my personal inspiration it would have to be my parents, or my grandparents who unfortunately passed away when I was in high school. All of these people showed me what sacrifice and love really meant, and I'm sure they would love our donuts!

If I could have any super power it would be knowing the future. It would help me out on a lot of my college exams.


~ Keely Layne~


Virginia Bowling "Lena"

Baking Assistant. Donut Queen. Cornbread fed. Mom of 3.

If I were asked to describe myself; I would say that I have a wild soul, but I've always been a lover of simple things and quiet places.
I was raised in the head of a holler with 5 older siblings. I drank from a garden hose, went berry picking for jam, rode the heck out of the tail gate of my Dad's old GMC truck and to this very day...believe it or not... I've still never had to use Algebra as an adult! (I'm 28 now y'all)
Kids? I have the 3 most amazing daughters who I hope to raise as confident, independent and productive leaders in any path of life they choose to follow.  I want them to Pray like it all depends on God, and work like it all depends on them and never ever give up.
Plans for the future? My plans for the future are to grow & learn with this company, and one day become a Manager/Asst of KY SON EATS while continuing to spread our love for healthy treats & good Ol' fashioned KY service all across the Appalachian Mountains... along with the many adventures we'll have in our new Tiny Home!
Biggest goals? My biggest goal in life is for Me, my boyfriend and my daughters to all be happy & to help my children become good people, with loving hearts and a good work ethic!
What do you like best about working for KY Son Eats? The thing I like best about working for KY SON EATS is that I work for and WITH the best boss ever! Nothing compares to being able to laugh and sample donuts all day with your friends... in a place where you feel welcomed as actual family.
If you could travel anywhere in the world working with KY Son Eats where would it be and why?
If I were to ever travel with KY SON EATS, I would like to go to the beach.  Any beach.  The beach is always a good place to forget about your worries. 
If you could share a donut and a cup of coffee with your biggest inspiration who would it be and why? Duh, Ellen DeGeneres.
I love Ellen.  She has such a big heart and an amazing sense of humor! I use my humor as a deflector most times...  I've been through a lot in life, but with God's word and Ellen's can't go wrong!
God is good!
If you could have any super power what would it be and why?
If I could have any super power in the world, it would be...

To be able to grant wishes to people in need...  Kind of like the Wizard of Oz.





~Virginia Bowling "Lena" ~


Jennifer McClanahan

Baking Assistant. Expert Taste Tester. Mom of 3.

   I'm Jennifer McClanahan, Assistant Baker with KY Son Eats, LLC, in Pikeville, KY. For the last 15 years I have been happily married to Ricky McClanahan and we have three beautiful girls ages 16,14, and 12. Originally from a little town called Big Springs Kentucky just south of Louisville, I met my husband while he was stationed on Fort Knox with the U.S. Army. After the passing of my father we made the decision to move to Pikeville to be closer to my in laws. In my 36 years on this earth I feel I have accomplished a great many things. I was the first in my family to graduate high school. Also, in my youth I was in a number of theatrical productions, including "Romeo and Juliet" and "Our Town"; and I even auditioned for a movie once! While still in high school I was also a youth missionary. I, with the help of my husband of course, are raising our girls to become intelligent, respectful women who will make their mark on the world. Since 2004, I have had my own cleaning business that has proven invaluable to our little family. Somehow, I have also managed to read over 1,000 books in my lifetime! Yes, I am a "word nerd." I have slowed down a bit since becoming a mom! I have many plans for my future, both personally and professionally. Someday soon, I hope to make a pilgrimage on the El Camino De Santiago or The Way of Saint James. The trail takes 30-35 days to complete on foot and leads to the resting place of St. James the Apostle, through the Spanish Provience of Galicia, in the town of Santiago de Compostela. On a professional note, I would love to become a head baker with KY Son Eats, as baking and cooking have always been my passion. Working with this company has already proven to be a rewarding experience for me. If asked I would have to say that the most rewarding aspect of my job is the ability to do what I love everyday. I am very aware that not everyone has that opportunity in life. To share my love of baking super healthy and truly delicious treats with my friends and work family is amazing... and of course the taste testing is awesome! 
The idea of travel has always been a dream I hold dear. This being said, if I could go anywhere with KY Son I would have to choose France or Greece. These places have such a rich history with food and the love of a good meal, it only seems natural to share Baylie's vision with the people there. The ideal of a "sweet treat" that is so good for you and so delectable is too innovative not to share with the world.
 When I first started with the company, Baylie asked me "If you could share a doughnut and a cup of coffee with anyone who would it be and why?" Without hesitation I would have to say Dolly Parton and Kentucky celebrity, Tim Farmer. Both because they came from very similar backgrounds to my own and have achieved so much. All from a love of music and food and deep rooted country values of family and faith. Dolly, because she has given back so much to the community of her birth and to millions of children through her Imagination Library. Tim, because he has overcome many obstacles, an accident in his youth left him without the use of one of his hands, in order to remain active and pursue his dreams. For 21 years he hosted KET's  "Kentucky Afield" a show dedicated to exploring the beauty and opportunities within Kentucky. In 2011, he began hosting "Tim Farmer's Country Kitchen" with his wife, Niki Farmer. Similar to KY Afield, this show digs into our culinary history throughout the state and teaches cooking in an outdoor setting as well as in the kitchen. His love and understanding for food is almost tangible.
I will leave you with this final thought... If I could have one super power, it would have to be the ability to fly. That way I could see every part of the world anytime I wanted.  
I have enjoyed giving you a glimpse into the kitchen where all the magic happens!   

Happy Feasting!   



~Jennifer McClanahan~




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