"Boss Lady"

Baylie Ray

Boss Lady. Creator. Baker. Mama of a superhero.

Kyson’s Creative Mama, Baylie Ray spent much of her childhood and teen years in her parent’s gym pumping iron or on the soccer field playing her heart out.Fast forward to her college days with dreams of having a degree in exercise science and doing some personal training trying to follow in her parent’s foot-steps. Life threw Baylie a curve ball and she soon had two little feet of her own on the way! With huge aspirations as a young mother to provide for her new little bundle, Kyson Maverick Ray, Baylie felt a huge need to build a solid foundation for her new family. She wanted to come up with a way to provide not only for her child, but also a unique business idea that would in corporate her passion for the health and fitness. Her love for food, especially sweets like donuts,combined with her knowledge of what the body needs for fuel sparked an idea that created her very own bakery!This girl had no other baking experience beside the occasional boxed dessert, but her creativity and faith were the perfect ingredients to the business you see today.We are so proud of our founder and owner of Ky Son Eats! She is a daily reminder that her love for her son Kyson, her love for donuts, and her love for God can all create a beautiful idea which can give a little joy and happiness to others. Baylie is on a mission along with the rest of the KY Son Eats family to not only do great things in the donut world, but also for you and your families!    

"Boss Man KY"

Kyson Ray

Boss Man. Inspiration. Kentucky Son. Mama's superhero.



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