Our Mission


KY Son Eats is on a mission to help you to enjoyyour favorite treats without the guilt! Our products are made not only with your health and well-beingin mind, but we also strive to provide the best ingredients to fuel your body to get any crazy “feat”you could come up with accomplished! We at Ky Son Eats DREAM BIG when it comes to our goals and we expectno less from our AWESOME clients! If you are looking to just stop eating crappy foods or if your goalis to be in the ultimate shape for a competitive sport, our treats will help provide the energy you need tokeep going and the taste you want to stay on track. Let us become your weekly protein treat provider,you won’t be sorry! You may just find out that your new favorite food is as good for your body as it isor your soul!

our story


 Fall 2016 my mother and I found ourselves at the same crossroads many of you have come across. We wanted to eat a certain way but not have it taste bland. I have a bit of a sweet tooth but know the downside to all the high sugar and carbs. Being a personal trainer and new mother was surely a big part of what lead me to invest my time in Healthy Cooking, we live in a small town where everything is covered in butter and fried. Although those things are delicious in moderation when you have the sweet tooth I have it's hard to have your "cheat day" and walk away. I knew something had to give!!Our clients needed a healthy option without compromising on the taste. I found myself spending time in Fit Physique & Performance's (FP&P) kitchen in between clients trying out recipes. I found it relaxing experimenting, what would work best and give us everything we needed? I tried so many different combinations until one day everything seemed to come together just right! This was the day the pumpkin spice donut was born. I never dreamed that making a batch of donuts for my family and a few clients would turn into a business, but here I sit. The word of mouth from my clients to their friends and family quickly skyrocketed the demand of donuts people wanted each week.People wanted more than just one flavor. I had a client come to me and ask if I could make her a healthy option for banana pudding, it was her favorite dessert, but she wanted to stay on track. Needing to fulfill my sweet tooth, and hers the testing began. A short while later the Banana Pudding Donut was perfected. Now KY Son Eats has 4 different donuts, 2 breakfast bars and a whole host of other treats. I still try to find time to experiment with different flavors, because I am always listening to what you want. 

Our Tiny home

When I created KY Son Eats I knew it wouldn’t be a typical business. Being 21 years old, starting a new business,and having an at the time 1 year old, I had a vision that I wasn’t willing to compromise on for any side of the situation.I didn’t want being blessed with the gift of motherhood at such a young age to put life on hold for me or my growing family,I wanted to embrace it and take my son Kyson along for the ride. This is when traveling came into the equation, starting agluten-free, protein-packed, minimal sugar bakery in my very small, country hometown of Pikeville Kentucky just wasn’tgonna cut it. I wanted to aim higher than that, I have had big expectations my whole life and I have been determined to make thisdream become a reality. When comparing my options of a bakery on wheels I found that nothing had YET been created that wouldhold my vision true of being a young mother able to provide for her family with her passion at hand and faith on her side.This is when creativity became crucial, I had exhausted all other options, we looked into a conventional a food truck and acustom built shipping container truck when finally it clicked that a traveling tiny home may be my solution. When this ideasparked I was SOLD, a tiny home would give me free range to adjust everything how I had imagined. With the tiny window thatsplits my on the go commercial bakery and my very “tiny” traveling home, it would save me thousands on hotel rooms for myemployees and I, and also give me the piece of mind having my child in the next room able to see back and forth during workinghours. The space a split tiny home would give me is enough to sleep my family, two employees and Kysons day time nanny.This still gives us everything else we would need such as a full service bathroom, a kitchenette, a functional play area,and more; all of this being in a little less than half the space of the entire tiny home. Leaving the majority of our tinyhome as our commercial bakery, where you would find a 3 compartment sink, a flat top grill, a custom oven, a worktop freezer, a double door cooler, an industrial mixer,and custom storage with stainless steel counters throughout. This had to be the only way my vision could now surface, but who would take on building something out of my imaginationlike this? Soo I began the search, I put in 4 applications with who I could find was the best of the best, hoping but not expecting a response. To my surprise I was actually contactedby Tiny Heirloom, my number one choice! They then said they too believed in my vision and would like to interview, from there they had agreed to build my dream home and sent us throughto the network where they approved us for their show, Tiny Luxury featured on DIY Network and HGTV. There were many interviews and lots of planning, everything seemed to go super fastand before I knew it they were flying us to Portland, Oregon for the reveal of our one of a kind tiny home commercial bakery. Since then it’s taken us a while to get everything set up,we finally have shipping available and the tiny home is up and running! What’s next for us? Traveling! We want to bring our treats to YOU!



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