1. What's so special about KY Son Eats treats?
  • Our treats are a healthy, protein-packed, gluten-free alternative to other traditional, donuts, muffins, & sweets. We focus on the quality of every ingredient that goes into every treat. So that you can focus on the other stuff. Its near impossible to find a protein-packed, gluten-free treat with minuscule amounts of sugar so we decided to make it a little more possible.
2. Where did the name come from?
  • So.. the name "KY Son Eats" actually comes from Baylie's son's name. His name is Kyson, they live in Kentucky, and so hence the name KY (Kentucky) Son Eats seemed like the perfect fit.
3. Where can I find nutritional facts, information, and ingredients?
  • You may find nutritional fact information and ingredients on our menu page by clicking on each treat you are interested in.
     KY Son Nutritional Facts
4. Location?
  • Our store: 1381 Stone Coal Rd, Pikeville, KY 41501
  • We also have a truck you can keep track of from our website or social media accounts @KySonEats on facebook, instagram, twitter, and snapchat!
5. Hours?
  • Tuesday- Thursday  10am-5:30pm 
  • Friday                       10am-12:00pm                        
  • Sat & Sun                 CLOSED for Travel
  • Monday                    CLOSED for Baking and Shipping

  • You can check our website, app, or social media to see if our truck is near YOU!
    *** This does not include holidays and hours are subject to change, you can keep up with any closings by following us on Facebook or Instagram @KYSoneats***
6. Are your treats gluten-free?
  • Yes, ALL of our treats are gluten-free. We strive to bring more healthy, protein-packed, tasty, ALL gluten-free options to your everyday life.
7. Are your treats sugar-free?
  • No, HOWEVER the sugar in our treats is very minimal and ONLY from natural sugars coming from fruit and Honey. We try to keep the sugar content under 5 grams per treat and doing so sometimes allows diabetics to adjust their sugar intake to be able to enjoy our treats.
    **Our toppings sometimes have processed sugar always under 1g, But you can always request that any toppings be left off of your treat.**

**We recommend if you are diabetic to take our ingredients and nutritional facts to your care physician to see if our treats are suitable for you!

8. What is the shelf life of your treats?
  • We like to say, treat our treats like you would cake it will last 4- 5 days in your refrigerator, BUT you can also freeze our treats and have them last up to 4 weeks in an air tight container and it does not harm the flavor!
9. How should I prep my treats?
  • MAKE SURE to keep your treats refrigerated until time to eat. (This is Required.)
  • Also, WARM your treats 15-20 seconds in the microwave doing this allows all of the flavor and moisture in our treats to come alive. So we like to say "Heat it before you eat it!" (This is not required, we just recommend doing so.)
10. Do you ship?
  • Shipping is COMING VERY SOON! 
11. Do you deliver?
  • We ONLY deliver pre-ordered orders that meet our $100 minimum. Must be with-in 45 miles of our stationary facility located in Pikeville, KY.
  • However, our food truck will be traveling and we will have updates on where we will be setting up if you would like to make a pre-order or meet our truck at one of our scheduled locations. 
  • If your would like for our truck to travel to your gym, place of employment, festival, sports event, or party please send us an email to: kysoneats.info@gmail.com
12. Your treats often sell out fast! How often do you restock and when can I place an order?
  • We restock all ingredients every two weeks but this is very likely to change once we start shipping and travel, it is based on the demands of you! Soo, if you want your treats faster help us grow, spread the word and we will grow to be able to meet your needs!
13. What are your payment methods & refund policy?
  • We accept all cards through our website secured by shopify. At this time, we do not accept checks.

  • Return Policy

    If you are not 100% satisfied with you purchase, you can return it to one of our store locations with-in three(3) days of purchase for store credit. Theses products require a valid KYSonEats receipt (can be viewed from email). We "donut" recognize a refund policy.

  • If something was left out of your order or you have anything wrong with your purchase please immediately send us an email within 3 days at latest and we will try our best to resolve the issue.
  • Email at: kysoneats.info@gmail.com
14. Are these treats safe to have if I am pregnant or breast-feeding?
  • We always recommend you speak to your health care professional, but we keep things as natural as possible and do have nursing and pregnant mommies that rave about our treats, including myself!
  • You will be able to find all ingredients and nutritional facts for each product hyperlinked below. Please send us an email for more info!

15. Looking for a job, and want to join our team?

                                  KY Son Eats Application

                     147 Myra Barnes Ave. Pikeville, Ky 41501

    16. Do you wholesale?
    • We sure do and if you think we would be a good fit in your café, gym, yoga studio, or business please contact us at:

    17. Are you accepting athletes to sponsor?
    • We are very honored that you would want to join our #teamkysoneats, we are currently looking to take on a few selected athletes if you would like to send us why you would like to be a part of our team along with any achievements and social media accounts and your personal story we would love to hear from you! 

    • Send to kysoneats.info@gmail.com
    18. Do you cater?
    • Yes, we can cater any event, with options on any of our KY Son Eats treats. Just email us at: kysoneats.info@gmail.com for more info.
    19. Why is the shipping so expensive the further west that you are?
    • Because we are stationed in the east shipping rates get steep the further west you are but for quality shipping this is out of our control for the time being. We are always working to make things better for our customers but we also want quality shipping with tracking available for you if needed and to reassure us that it gets to you in a timely manner since our treats require refrigeration. If this effects you please send us an email at: kysoneats.info@gmail.com 
    • We recommend that if your shipping rate is higher that you order in bulk or maybe go in with a couple of friends to try to "beat the system", because our treats can be frozen this is a valid suggestion and what we honestly do with our own personal treats on a weekly basis.
    20. Will you make a donation?
    • Right now we have reached our maximum limit for donations and charities for this year but we would love to hear your input for the following year/years as each one we will be likely to take on more.


    21. How can I stay in the loop you ask?
    • Well you can follow us @kysoneats on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, youtube, or you can subscribe to our weekly motivation thread via email on our website to stay up to date with our new product launches, recipes, nutrition, and health tips.
    22. Can I get treats for my event?
    • Yes, we are open to cater your event please contact us by email at: kysontreats@gmail.com
    23. Do you make anything suitable for diabetics?
    • Even though we think our treats are great and we would love to say YES, you should always discuss any changes in your diet with your doctor, and make sure that our treats meet your needs. You can find all treat info such as nutritional facts and ingredients by clicking on each treat on our menu page!


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