Fall 2016 my mother and I found ourselves at the same crossroads many of you have come across. We wanted to eat a certain way but not have it taste bland. I have a bit of a sweet tooth but know the downside to all the high sugar and carbs. Being a personal trainer and new mother was surely a big part of what lead me to invest my time in Healthy Cooking, we live in a small town where everything is covered in butter and fried. Although those things are delicious in moderation when you have the sweet tooth I have it's hard to have your "cheat day" and walk away. I knew something had to give!!

     Our clients needed a healthy option without compromising on the taste. I found myself spending time in Fit Physique & Performance's (FP&P) kitchen in between clients trying out recipes. I found it relaxing experimenting, what would work best and give us everything we needed? I tried so many different combinations until one day everything seemed to come together just right! This was the day the pumpkin spice donut was born. I never dreamed that making a batch of donuts for my family and a few clients would turn into a business, but here I sit. The word of mouth from my clients to their friends and family quickly skyrocketed the demand of donuts people wanted each week.

     People wanted more than just one flavor. I had a client come to me and ask if I could make her a healthy option for banana pudding, it was her favorite dessert, but she wanted to stay on track. Needing to fulfill my sweet tooth, and hers the testing began. A short while later the Banana Pudding Donut was perfected. Now KY Son Eats has 4 different donuts, 2 breakfast bars and a whole host of other treats. I still try to find time to experiment with different flavors, because I am always listening to what you want.



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